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Tropical Aura Melt

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The Aromatic Experience: 

Dubbed the Golden Goddess, Tropical Aura is the perfect blend of earthy goodness and fruity essences. Cleanse the energetic atmosphere with a trip to our luxurious tropical island where the sweet smells of pineapples, juicy kiwi's, and ripe melons fill the air. Combined with the natural aromas of Palo Santo, sage, and cedarwood to embolden a room with nothing but positive vibes.

Key Notes:
  • Top: Sugared Lime, Kiwi, Lemon Peel, Chinotto
  • Middle: Sage, Pineapple Nectar, Guava, Palo Santo
  • Base: Cedarwood, Jojoba Butter, Sweet Melon, Black Wood
Approx. 2.75 oz. 

All Natural • Hand-Poured • Cruelty Free • Non-Toxic

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