About Us

In the of Summer 2020, the world witnessed what happens when the screams of the marginalized are ignored for too long. For us, the story was all too familiar, but it was the thing we needed to spark a bit of inspiration. After much prayer, meditation, and uncertainty our luxury candle company and inspirational podcast were birth. The goal, to be a light in a time of turmoil.

Although I was never a lover of candles or other fragrant items growing up; as a hobbyist candle maker, I discovered that I could curate scents for people like myself to enjoy. Skilled at crafting unique candle blends and a self-proclaimed mixologist, we worked tirelessly to create candles for the pickiest of noses. We even took it a step further to ensure that our hand-poured custom blend scents were made from all natural, gluten free, toxin free, paraben free, and phthalate, and cruelty free ingredients. 

Through scent and sound, The August Light Candle Co. and podcast will take you on a experience of culture, self-love, connections, reflections, and the incredible joy that comes with unapologetically living in your truth. With every candle lit and every word we speak, it is our hope that you may experience a bit of our joy, light, and peace.